@hpvd opened this Issue on April 4th 2016

Would be very handy to have for ALL plugins links to their settings directly in Manage Plugin overview
like it's alreday perfectly done by CustomOptOut plugin.

@hpvd commented on April 4th 2016

or even better two links:

  1. to settings of plugin
  2. resulting feature of plugin e.g. new report generated by the plugin

of course only visible if there are things

  • to setup or
  • newly visible/available

So one doesn't have to search anymore:

  • where to setup
  • where the great new thing brought by the plugin

could be found :-)

@tsteur commented on April 4th 2016 Member

For settings it is done with the plugin uses the built-in Settings feature / Settings API.

Link to feature can be difficult if there are many links. We could offer a possibility to add several links to this view. The plugin would need to define which links to show and where they go to.

@hpvd commented on April 27th 2016

this one goes also into samedirection of "findability"/ease of acess of plugin settings #10098

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