@mgonera opened this Issue on March 31st 2016

When browsed for a day, this is the case:

screen shot 2016-03-31 at 16 53 13

When browsed for week, metrics are unavailable although they are still displayed:

screen shot 2016-03-31 at 16 53 33

@tsteur commented on April 1st 2016 Member

Are you only referring to the activated items in the check list? Or is there also a problem with the data?

@mgonera commented on April 1st 2016

@tsteur this is about the fact that metrics that you cannot "check" are still on the graph. Maybe they just should be available?

@tsteur commented on April 3rd 2016 Member

Got it, cheers. I reckon they should not be displayed unless they are actually available then they should be displayed in the metric selector (and it looks like these metrics are available). Possibly the list is hard coded in the selector and doesn't check for the setting which enabled unique visitors for other periods

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