@piwikbugs opened this Issue on March 28th 2016

I track multiple websites with Piwik. If I add some goals to my dashboard in Website A (Dashboard -> add a widget -> goals), and then change to Website B, it shows the widgets I just added to Website A as "Widgets not found" on Website B dashboard.

Do I have to make a NEW dashboard with every website?

@tsteur commented on March 29th 2016 Member

@piwikbugs thank you for creating the issue. This is a bug. I'm not sure if we already have an issue for this but I could not find one. It won't be trivial to solve. It's almost like the dashboard needs to have knowledge which widgets depend on a idSite or something.

I think, when two different websites have the same goalId, it will even show different goals although one might be not interested of that goal.

@mattab commented on March 31st 2016 Member

fyi: there is a similar issue if you have a "Custom Dimension" widget, and after changing the website we get an error message in the widget: "Custom dimension XYZ does not exist for this website".

pinging @sgiehl - maybe you could help with this one.

@piwikbugs commented on May 25th 2016

Unfortunately this isn't resolved yet. Also when I have for example 4 Goal widgets added on the dashboard of website A, all 4 are shown at website B, even if I only have one goal for website B.

@mattab commented on July 18th 2016 Member

Ideally, we will hide the widgets that do not apply to a given website, without updating the layout stored in the DB, so that people still find the dashboard layout they expect on each website.

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