@dev-101 opened this Issue on March 22nd 2016

Hi everyone,

I think it would be nice if we could display data over hours for the selected day (or up to a week).
I know we have Times section, but it shows normalized data, instead of actual numbers.


@hpvd commented on March 23rd 2016


=> as an extension: maybe there could even be2 different kinds:

  • visits per servertime (standard)
  • visits per user time (could be intersting and help to complete the image of visitors on international visited sites)

=> what do you think?

@dev-101 commented on March 23rd 2016

Well, personally, I am only interested in actual server time, because I want to know peak server load over the 24h periods and peak visits, but not in normalized way currently available in Times, since I do not find that as satisfying metrics. I wish to track it on an individual daily basis.

About local user times, not sure if I would have any use of it on hourly charts, but if it also gets implemented, I will not complain :)

@hpvd commented on March 23rd 2016

the idea of local user time integration, is to understand when people in different countries visit the site.
Could be not only interesting but may e.g. give some advise when it's a good time to enable advertisements on other sites for your site.
If you choose the wrong times you do not get the visitors who are interested but you have to pay for them...

@dev-101 commented on March 23rd 2016

Yes, that can be also useful. But, in that case the geo-location filter must be added as well (I don't think there is such a possibility right now?), so that we can set both geo-location and hourly report to get relevant data.

@hpvd commented on March 23rd 2016

yes this is needed but it's already there :-)

@dev-101 commented on March 23rd 2016

Thanks, I did not know we can apply segmented filter on widgets as well.

@tsteur commented on March 29th 2016 Member

Good suggestion :+1:

@metalocator commented on January 29th 2019

I'd like to add support for this request. We often need reports that begin at certain times and it becomes a tedious excel exercise

@atom-box commented on October 27th 2022

User feedback today:

Feature: Visits Over Time
Like: No
Choice: makeeasier
Zeitliche Einstellung direkt am Diagramm sind überhaupt nicht möglich :( Time settings directly on the chart are not possible at all :(
Source: On-Premise

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