@dev-101 opened this Issue on March 19th 2016

After a while, the Piwik page (browser tab) sometimes becomes just garbled. I have never seen this anywhere with my PC/Browser (Chrome) (I cannot reproduce it), except on Piwik installation. Restarting the browser resolves the problem. Could this be related to Chrome? Memory Page issues (PC)? Really not sure. Again, never happens on other websites, just in Piwik tab(s) (always using latest beta recently).


@sgiehl commented on March 19th 2016 Member

What zoom level are you viewing the page with?

@dev-101 commented on March 19th 2016

Normal 100%, of course. But, I do use zoom on some other tabs occasionally, not sure if that might be the cause, since it never happened on other sites/tabs. Quick test now did not show anything unusual.

Interesting enough that hard reload and disabled caching does not help, only browser restart does the trick.

I know that it will be impossible to catch, find true cause and how it occurs, but had to post it here anyway.

Just to summarize the issue & make it clear:

1) page initially loads just fine inside tabbed browser
2) I continue to work/browse on other tabs, do stuff, forget on Piwik tab
3) when I get back to it after, I don't know, half an hour or so, I find it corrupted like above sometimes


This Issue was closed on March 19th 2016
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