@mrjoops opened this Issue on March 17th 2016

I updated Piwik from 2.14.3 to 2.16.0 and my log files were filled with this notice :

PHP Notice: Undefined index: create_new_visit_after_midnight in /usr/share/piwik/plugins/CoreHome/Tracker/VisitRequestProcessor.php on line 158

When I say "filled", I say 40K notices per hour (my install is fairly large).

I had to downgrade to 2.14.3.

@sgiehl commented on March 21st 2016 Member

Maybe your global.ini.php wasn't updated correctly. There should be a config value set for create_new_visit_after_midnight within the Tracker section after update. If not maybe you need to reupload the global.ini.php.

This Issue was closed on March 21st 2016
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