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I reported broken keyword in my language last year and it seems been fixed.

But problem is people keep using same keywords since last year and I still see it broken.

I think this happens database still has broken keywords and new records being added to it.

I can guess what it is but I don't want to just guess it because they are top keywords.

Reverse links to search sites are not working since keywords are broken, links also broken.

Do you have any idea I can fix this?

@tsteur commented on March 16th 2016 Owner

Can you maybe add a link to the original issue that you reported re the language?

Can you maybe show some screenshots to explain what you mean?

@mybluepig commented on March 22nd 2016

Dear Thomas

Sorry for late reply

here is original thread about broken texts

I attach the result today to see keywords still broken but it seems new keyword is good.

is there any way I can refresh keywords?

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Can you maybe add a link to the original issue that you reported re the language?
Can you maybe show some screenshots to explain what you mean? 

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@tsteur commented on March 28th 2016 Owner

Please let us know more information about your environment. Which Piwik version are you using? Which PHP version? Which MySQL version? How should the keywords you mentioned there actually look like?

@mattab commented on March 31st 2016 Owner

Hi @mybluepig it would be great if you could provide more info (see our previous comment).

@mybluepig commented on April 4th 2016

my piwik version is 2.16.0
and my PHP version is 5.6.8
and my MySQL version is 5.6

here is information from phpMyAdmin in Korean but you will see everything
데이터베이스 서버

서버: localhost via TCP/IP
서버 타입: MySQL
서버 버전: 5.6.21-log - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
제품 버전: 10
서버 문자셋: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

데이터베이스 클라이언트 버전: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 -
PHP 확장: mysqli 문서
PHP 버전: 5.6.0

I see keyword section now

It should be look like one of these

@mattab commented on April 21st 2016 Owner

@mybluepig could you please post a Referrer Search engine full URL, which contains one of your keywords eg. 홍천컨트리클럽 ? I suppose it's possible that there is a bug in detecting the keyword from this search engine. Is the search engine google?

@sgiehl commented on November 26th 2017 Member

Closing this issue here now. If anyone has any similar problems with search engine detections please create a new issue at https://github.com/piwik/searchengine-and-social-list/issues

This Issue was closed on November 26th 2017
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