@netbrothers-tr opened this Issue on March 14th 2016

After upgrading to the latest stable version (2.16.0) Piwik generates the following error in the Apache error log.

Error in Piwik (tracker): Error query: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'config_resolution' doesn't have a default value In query: INSERT INTO piwik_log_visit (idvisitor, config_id, location_ip, idsite, visit_first_action_time, visit_goal_buyer, visit_goal_converted, visit_last_action_time, visitor_days_since_first, visitor_days_since_order, visitor_returning, visitor_count_visits, visit_entry_idaction_name, visit_entry_idaction_url, visit_exit_idaction_name, visit_exit_idaction_url, visit_total_actions, visit_total_searches, referer_keyword, referer_name, referer_type, referer_url, config_browser_engine, config_browser_name, config_browser_version, config_device_brand, config_device_model, config_device_type, config_os, config_os_version, visit_total_events, visitor_localtime, visitor_days_since_last, visit_total_time, location_city, location_country, location_latitude, location_longitude, location_region, location_provider) VALUES [...]

Shouldn't be NULL a valid value for the field config_resolution? It seems Piwik can't always determine the screen resolution. The according line in the code is here:

Seeking for confirmation or disproval by the community if this is a general problem or just ours. Thanks to all!

@tsteur commented on March 14th 2016 Member

I presume this can happen if the Resolution plugin is disabled. By any chance, is it disabled?

Otherwise it should work as Resolution should always return a non-null value (a string)

@netbrothers-tr commented on March 15th 2016

Thanks for the hint! :+1: It stemmed from an incompatible UserSettings plugin that has been active still, i.e. our mistake. After uninstalling it, the regarding columns were gone. So the issue is obsolete.

This Issue was closed on March 15th 2016
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