@Maraumax opened this Issue on March 10th 2016


On piwik 2.16.0 i got this error when i tried to update user country :

PHP Fatal error:  Call to protected method Piwik\Plugins\UserCountry\Commands\AttributeHistoricalDataWithLocations::onVisitProcessed() from context '' in plugins/UserCountry/Commands/AttributeHistoricalDataWithLocations.php on line 120

Another user got this error. I just updated my geoip file.

@tsteur commented on March 10th 2016 Owner

Thank you for the bug report. I issues a fix for this and it should be fixed with the next update of Piwik. Meanwhile you could try to fix it by changing one word in file plugins/UserCountry/Commands/AttributeHistoricalDataWithLocations.php on your server see https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/9915/files#diff-cd85f7dcd7b94984947e0cc41d8dbe19L148 .

@Maraumax commented on March 10th 2016

Thanks @tsteur and @mattab for your work! I will try that tomorrow.

EDIT : 11/03 its now ok!

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