@cornelinux opened this Issue on March 10th 2016

I have a strange effect in the dashboard in the pageview.
I can not drill down into sub pages. This only occurs in one installation with 2.16. I also upgraded to 2.16.1-b1 and it has the same effect. On another website the drill down works fine.

Please see the forum entry:

This is a screenshot of the problematic sub pages

@tsteur commented on March 10th 2016 Member

Is it possible to get access to your Piwik instance to have a look at it? Ideally we would also have instance to the database and maybe the files of the Piwik installation but not sure if it's needed. If so, can you maybe create a user with view access to this website and send us credentials to hello at piwik.org? It's hard to tell from the pictures what the problem could be

@cornelinux commented on March 10th 2016

sent it. THanks a lot.

@tsteur commented on March 10th 2016 Member

I can't find the mail, also not in spam folder or so. Have you sent to hello(at)piwik.org?

@cornelinux commented on March 10th 2016

Yes, looks good to me:

Mar 10 21:10:13 mail postfix/smtp[518]: 212DB100050: to=<hello<a class='mention' href='https://github.com/piwik'>@piwik</a>.org>, 
       relay=mx.piwik.org[]:25, delay=0.67, delays=0.21/0/0.23/0.22, 
       dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 0471318095826)
@tsteur commented on March 10th 2016 Member

@mattab can you have a look re the mail?

@tsteur commented on March 13th 2016 Member

@cornelinux I had a quick look and something always renders an additional <head/> before the actual HTML response. I've had a look and couldn't find the same string in our Piwik code so very likely something in your Piwik setup adds a <head/> to our ajax requests. For example your webserver. Or maybe have you made a change accidentally in one of the files? Or maybe you are using a third party plugin that is adding this for some reason? In this case I would try to disable some third party plugins temporarily.

Please keep us updated about it if possible and let us know what caused it. Maybe someone has a similar issue one day.

@cornelinux commented on March 14th 2016

Thanks a lot for this information. This gives me something to investigate.

Code was not altererd. In fact I also created a new one.
No 3rd party modules in piwik.
.htaccess looks the same like on the other machine.

Maybe the head is rendered like this

"<head " .  somespecial_information . "/>

But the information is empty which results in an empty head.

I will investigate possibilities with the webserver.

THanks again

@cornelinux commented on April 11th 2016

I was not able to find the issue.
I now used the 2nd piwik installation to manage both sites.

This Issue was closed on March 13th 2016
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