@tsteur opened this Issue on March 8th 2016 Owner

See https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/2.16.1-b1/plugins/CoreAdminHome/API.php#L65

The API method says on can use a range date, which is technically true. However, it will simply convert all set dates into range dates. Eg when passing 2016-02-10,2016-02-23 it will invalidate the range dates 2016-02-10,2016-02-10 and 2016-02-23,2016-02-23 which doesn't make any sense since it's simply a single day.

Instead the API should eg require that a number of dates is given that is dividable by 2 numberOfDates % 2 == 0. We can then for example always concatenate two dates to build an actual range date. This is kind of changing API behaviour but current way wouldn't invalidate anything. And in case this is actually wanted we could still on top invalidate each single day as well like it was done before.

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