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As I'm starting to actively working on Piwik 3 basically today I need to create "develop" branches. We already have a 3.0 branch that I would rename. Re handling Piwik 2 and 3 see here: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/9806 and we also need a develop branch anyway as it is the only way to make sure we always have a green build in master.

Are there any good examples from other projects? Maybe any "standards"? I was thinking about simply using 2_X and 3_X as develop branches for 2.X and 3.X. We won't exactly follow git flow or so, instead we want to keep things simple for us. If there are any opinions please comment ASAP as I need to start creating such branches for several plugins, otherwise I can't get the tests in 3.0 branch green.

@kaz231 commented on March 8th 2016

Maybe something like 2.X-dev ?

@mattab commented on March 8th 2016 Member

Maybe 2.x and 3.x ?

@tsteur commented on March 8th 2016 Member

I reckon adding a -dev does make sense and is more clear. :+1: for that. Eg 2.x-dev (lowercase is easier to write on console :-) ). Any more ideas?

@tsteur commented on March 9th 2016 Member

If I hear no complaints in the next few hours 3.x-dev and 2.x-dev it is :)

@mattab commented on March 15th 2016 Member


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