@Dharin-shah opened this Issue on March 7th 2016
@tsteur commented on March 7th 2016 Member

FYI: The forum post from another user says following

I'm wondering how to get all information about an specific order via Reporting API.

I've read about the Goals Module

It's documentated how to get a single item by SKU but not how to get a single order and all it's items by it's ID.

@Dharin-shah can you please describe in more detail what you want to achieve?

@Dharin-shah commented on March 11th 2016

@tsteur Sorry for late reply. As mentioned on the forums, add a possibility of accessing all the order items by making the order-id of the user accessible through api. Even though piwik is storing the order id but it is not yet possible to get the order id information through api.
Currently using Piwik version :- 2.15

@tsteur commented on March 13th 2016 Member

Thx! I've updated the title of the issue so it'll be clearer.

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