@robocoder opened this Issue on September 15th 2009 Contributor

OPTION is still a reserved keyword in MySQL (became non-reserved in SQL:2003 spec).

When the table prefix is empty "", the table name must be backticked (in MySQL). However, backticking is not portable SQL. Removing backticks in pre-processing adds overhead.


  • table prefix mandatory (require at least one character)
  • rename table (note: OPTIONS is a non-reserved keyword)

Note: in either proposal, an external update script would be needed to execute the ALTER statements needed to rename tables.
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@mattab commented on September 22nd 2009 Member

vote for wontfix, and move the "table quoting" to the DB adapter

@mattab commented on March 30th 2010 Member

marking as wontfix - if we need to change it, please reopen

@robocoder commented on March 30th 2010 Contributor

At minimum, we should consider the first proposal (require at least one leading alpha character in $tables_prefix).

This Issue was closed on March 30th 2010
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