@kongsted opened this Issue on February 25th 2016


If a page title contains a / (slash) in the page title, it will show up in "Actions -> Page title", as a page with a subpage.
If a pages in called "About Company A/B" it will show as:

  • About Company A
    • B
      In the "Page Title" page.
      Hope it make sense. :)
      I'm using Piwik version 2.16.0.

Anybody else seeing that problem, or have I misconfigured something?


@sly7-7 commented on February 25th 2016

I just jumped into piwik, and thought it was a kind of "hidden feature"

@tsteur commented on February 25th 2016 Owner

This is some kind of feature indeed. You can select to "flatten" the report by clicking on the arrow down below a report and then select "Make it flat" in the cog icon in the bottom right. If you are logged in, it should remember to flatten it next time.

@kongsted commented on February 25th 2016

In my opinion, it's not a solution, but just a work around to change to "flatten view".
Am I the the only one seeing that problem, or is it a general problem (= bug)?

@tsteur commented on February 26th 2016 Owner

Does it not give you valid results when using "Flatten"?

I'd understand that's a probem when using the API as one would have to set "flat=1" in the API only for this report and one would need some kind of a hack for this. However, the UI should give the same results? It's for sure possible I'm missing something.

@mattab commented on March 15th 2016 Owner

It is both a hidden feature and a bug. See this bug report: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/2956

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