@RMastop opened this Issue on February 24th 2016 Contributor

We have created a goal, based on a part of the URL.
The default value of only one conversion per Visit is enabled.

We get the following result:

That is strange, there are more conversions than visits in some parts of the report.

After having a closer look in the case of twitter.com, we see one visit, three conversions.
Looking at visitor log we only see one conversion of the goal, in case of referrer twitter.com

@tsteur commented on February 25th 2016 Owner

This must be a bug and we need to try to reproduce somehow. Has it appeared just recently for the first time? Can you maybe try to investigate if you see more information about multiple conversions in a visitor profile?

@mattab commented on March 31st 2016 Owner

Here is how this can be explained:

When visitors convert a Goal, Piwik tries to attribute the conversion to the referrer that brought the visit to the site (more info on how this works ie. first VS last click). Piwik by default, will credit the last non empty referrer that was used by the visitor before he reached the Goal. It may be a referrer that was used several days ago (and stored in first party cookie).

In your case, you have 1 visit from twitter.com and 3 conversions. What happens likely is that two other visits (without referrer) have converted the goal. These two visitors used twitter.com the first time they visited your website. When they convert the goal later, twitter.com will be credited although their current visit (ie. the last one) wasn't referred by twitter.

I suppose to make this clear to everyone we could:

  • when a conversion rate is > 100% in any report, display a new report footer note that explains how it is possible to have conversion rates > 100%
@RMastop commented on April 11th 2016 Contributor

Thanks for the clarification.

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