@anujjamwal opened this Issue on February 24th 2016

I deployed piwik 2.16.
I am invoking trackSiteSearch from js code.

Piwik.getAsyncTracker().trackSiteSearch($scope.searchKey, false, totalCount);

I can see a request getting fired in browser, but nothing shows up in the browser in Site Search Keywords. Only "Visitors in Realtime" seems to work

@tsteur commented on February 25th 2016 Owner

Just to make sure I got it right. You can see the actual keyword in "Visitors in Realtime" but not in any other "Site Search" report?

Has this problem started after updating to Piwik 2.16?

Is totalCount === 0?

@mattab commented on March 31st 2016 Owner

It works for us, please let us know how to reproduce.

This Issue was closed on March 31st 2016
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