@Preclowski opened this Pull Request on February 22nd 2016

Whis will solve problem with overriding styles in whitelabel. Currently single cells override hover row background color.

@mattab commented on February 22nd 2016 Member

@Preclowski could this maybe be "fixed" in the plugin directly? adding !important is not usually a good idea...

@mattab commented on February 29th 2016 Member

@Preclowski I noticed there is a regression in the All Websites dashboard: http://builds-artifacts.piwik.org/piwik/piwik/master/18131/MultiSitesTest_all_websites_search
could you investigate/fix it?

@quba commented on March 2nd 2016 Contributor

@mattab we will fix it directly in the plugin and later on follow up with a fix in core (there are also other things to fix in WhiteLabel plugin).

This Pull Request was closed on March 1st 2016
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