@MichalTomczak opened this Issue on February 22nd 2016

When IP is anonymized for the GeoIP purposes it is not working correctly. People often get confused because of this (visitors from Australia are tracked as being in India etc.) They think that the service is not working correctly. There should be a warning appearing on the map when IP is also anonymized for the GeoIP purposes. something like "Your settings prevent Piwik from correctly determining location of your visitors. You can change this setting here(link to privacy settings)"

@hpvd commented on February 22nd 2016

message should be shown all places where data from geoip is used
or an other way would be to

  • do not show data from geoip anywhere
  • don't make any statistics from these data

so it is missing on many places and the user would seerch for the reason
but post important:
do not use or show any wrong data without a hint that it's wrong

@tsteur commented on February 23rd 2016 Member

FYI: For the country report we already have a footer message if the default provider is used: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/2.16.0/plugins/UserCountry/Reports/GetCountry.php#L39-L46

It would be helpful to show also message if IP is anonymized indeed. This would need to be implemented in the PrivacyManager plugin possibly, as this one is anonymizing the IP.

Somewhat related: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/9251 "Do not guess country based on the browser language". Showing wrong data in these country reports is really a big problem in Piwik and if I was a new user, I wouldn't trust any data after seeing it tracks wrong data in countries etc.

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