@yeahtav opened this Issue on February 18th 2016

Hi There,

this is really a silly issue, but i would appreciate the help.

I have installed Piwik on the sub-domain of the website which i need to track.

for Instance to track example.com , i have created analytics.example.com and installed piwik there.

I have installed Piwik long back, I have the user name and password. but I forgot the login path for the Piwik analytics dashboard.

I guess it shoud be like, analytics.example.com/somelogin.php

but i'm tired of permutations and combinations.
Somebody please help me with the log in page.

Thanks in advance.

@tsteur commented on February 19th 2016 Member

It should be just analytics.example.com or analytics.example.com/index.php

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