@adaqus opened this Issue on February 17th 2016

Let's create segment based on event name:

eventName==some name

When browsing 'Actions' reports for this segment, only reports in Actions / Events show some data. Others actions reports show message 'There is no data for this report.' and users think this is an error.

Users should be informed somehow that this is not error and it is logical consequence of using segment based on events.

This is also the case for any segment based on actions or events.

@tsteur commented on February 18th 2016 Member

Good point :+1: Won't be easy though as depending on segment some reports may still show some data while others not.

@da2x commented on September 1st 2016 Contributor

As a new user, I’m really curios about the explanation for this. This limitation makes no sense to me; ff course I’d like to see which URLs are popular among users who triggered the leftComment event. Not being able to do this should be considered a bug (possibly a larger architectural problem) and not just a user error. But who knows, maybe the explanation will be really good and show me how to achieve this in another way.

The forum is full of threads with people asking for this (and they all go unanswered).

@mattab commented on September 27th 2016 Member

Not being able to do this should be considered a bug (possibly a larger architectural problem) and not just a user error.

Fair enough, marking as Bug and moving up the priority list. Although it does not mean we will investigate soon soon as there are so many other issues to deal with. Help is very welcome (but this issue will be quite complex so may not be the best place to help!)

@mattab commented on September 27th 2016 Member

@Aeyoun maybe you could link to the few forum posts where this was discussed? this could help increase "perceived priority" on our end

@da2x commented on September 28th 2016 Contributor

Here is a rough unfiltered list. The first 20 results were all this very issue (didn’t bother clicking through the 100 remaining threads), but your personal Google rankings may yield different results.

@hpvd commented on September 15th 2017

I think this is related to
show instant feedback on period & segment selector usage (result counting) #9109

in the case of no data one simply see something like this:

"0 different visits counted within selected period and segment.
These are 0% of all visits on entire website within this period

@mattab commented on May 2nd 2018 Member
@mattab commented on August 12th 2019 Member

Duplicate of #11900 which we're planning to implement in Matomo 4 if all goes as planned.

This Issue was closed on August 12th 2019
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