@mgonera opened this Issue on February 16th 2016

CSV report send by scheduled e-mail could contain also URL of given site, just as another column. For exporting it this is the case, but not for CSV e-mail report

@sgiehl commented on April 26th 2016 Member

The difference between the API CSV export and the email report, is that email csv reports don't contain meta data. Thus it won't show up. I don't think we should show meta data in email csv reports in generally. Should we tweak the multi sites API to return the url as "metric" instead of metadata? Or is there a better solution?

@mgonera commented on May 16th 2016

@sgiehl what would be best in your opinion? :)

@sgiehl commented on May 17th 2016 Member

Would need to investigate if that is easily possible and it needs a try to check if it has any side effects moving the main url from metadata to metric. Might be quite simple, but it's hard to say without having a closer look...

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