@robocoder opened this Issue on September 11th 2009 Contributor

Zend_Db allows an 'adapterNamespace' to be specified. This would allow us to remove core/Db.php (Piwik_Db::factory) and go back to using Zend_Db::factory.


  • config/global.ini.php and config/config.ini.php.sample
  • plugins/Installation/Controller.php
  • core/Piwik.php


  • core/Db.php

Update script:

  • add adapterNamespace to config/config.ini.php
  • alternative is to set this at runtime
@robocoder commented on September 12th 2009 Contributor

Let's not change this for now. The extra abstraction may help others in porting Piwik to other databases (e.g., Postgresql).

This Issue was closed on September 12th 2009
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