@allen92 opened this Issue on February 12th 2016

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on resolving the issue I'm having. Basically what happens is when I click on "Open Transitions" the popup launches and says "Loading Transitions for" but nothing ever actually happens. I've looked around and have not found any solution. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks a million!

@tsteur commented on February 12th 2016 Member

Are you familiar with developer tools? Is there maybe a JavaScript error happening?

Is it otherwise possible that you give us access to your Piwik? It would be great if you could create a user with view permission for us and send details to "hello at piwik.org".

@allen92 commented on February 13th 2016

Ok, thanks. I just sent you the login. @tsteur

@tsteur commented on February 13th 2016 Member

Thanks for that, I had a quick look. It seems like your server performs a redirect when requesting transitions and doesn't return any data. Your server may perform a redirect because there is a URL in the URL such as `` see example URL


Maybe a redirect URL from http to https or something is not correctly written and wants to redirect. Please have a look at the server config or ask a system administrator.

@tsteur commented on February 13th 2016 Member

FYI: You can delete the created user again

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