@mathieubouchard opened this Issue on February 11th 2016

Piwik makes a lot of outgoing connections. There are some options to disable all these connections, but there's no central place where to look at to know easily what to do to disable all outgoing connections.

Some things that are needed:

  • Disable SEO plugin
  • Set enable_auto_update = 0 in config.ini.php
  • Set enable_marketplace = 0 in config.ini.php
  • Disable subscribeNewsletter?
  • etc.
@tsteur commented on February 11th 2016 Member

Thanks for the feedback! There is this FAQ http://piwik.org/faq/troubleshooting/faq_16646/ and this issue https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6324

This Issue was closed on February 11th 2016
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