@mattab opened this Issue on February 10th 2016 Member

Issue 1: Create new dashboard does not work well


  • Click Dashboard > Create new dashboard
  • Give a name empty and select Empty dashoard, click
    • Got: New dashboard is not added to left menu
    • Expected: new dashboard "empty" added to left menu, and menu entry selected
  • Then click on "Add a widget"
    • Got: nothing happens
    • Expected: dashboard control toggles and lets user add widget

      Issue 2: Remove dashboard does not work well

  • Create a new dashboard
  • Click "Remove dashboard"
  • Got:
    • left menu dashboard entry is not removed from left menu
    • the default dashboard layout is then loaded (maybe because the idDashboard in URL points to the removed dashboard)
  • Expected instead:
    • left menu dashboard entry is removed,
    • the first custom dashboard is loaded.

      Issue 3: Rename is slightly buggy

  • Rename a custom dashboard
  • Got: left menu still shows old name
  • expected: left menu dashboard name updates with the new name


  • Add UI tests for each use case
  • Check dashboard controls work as expected


  • Possibly this is already fixed in Piwik 3.0 - the new UI tests will let us know :+1:
This Issue was closed on February 26th 2016
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