@simpleuser99 opened this Issue on February 5th 2016

Since I update piwik to 2.15.0 , I didn't view day of week. I thought when I update to 2.16 version, these bug be fix. Unfortunately there is a bug.


How can I fix it?

@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2016 Member

What exactly is the problem? Would you mind switching to english and check if it still appears?

@simpleuser99 commented on February 5th 2016

THe problem is i do not view day of week on russian language. But I view day of weeks if I use english
Compare screenshots please. In english i view that day of week is Sun(Sunday), but in russian version I don't view day of week. Understand?

@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2016 Member

Ah, ok. Now that's clear for me what the problem is. thx
Will have a look.

@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2016 Member

Guess I found the problem.

You could try to fix it by updating this file:

Simply replace all the uppercase "C" with a lowercase "c" in the marked lines.

Need to test that later, then I will issue a PR to fix it

@simpleuser99 commented on February 5th 2016

I manual change "C" to "c" and I have good result. Thx!

This Issue was closed on February 7th 2016
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