@andrewgrz opened this Pull Request on August 9th 2013

This is a bug fix for 4063. "Notice: Array to string conversion" when downloading CSV or TSV files from Visitor Log in 1.12.

Some custom variables are in the $csv array as arrays themselves. Line 283 was trying to handle this array as a string and was throwing the error. This fix parses the array into a string prior to the string formatting step. The csv will successfully download with this fix. Tested on PHP 5.4.13.

Pull request for master.

The bug is reproducible with a clean install and generated data using the plugin. The route is address to get the bug is:


@diosmosis commented on August 12th 2013 Member

I can reproduce w/ php 5.4 & php 5.5. Regarding your changes:

  • Your code assumes formatValue will only be called w/ custom variables in the Live.getLastVisitsDetails report. This may be the case now but it is not guaranteed to always be the case. A more durable solution that handles any array is required or Live.getLastVisitsDetails needs to be customized for this specific use case.
  • Can you add an integration test for this? Adding a test for Live.getLastVisitsDetails to CsvExportTest.php should do the trick, I think.
@diosmosis commented on September 9th 2013 Member

Fixed in 1510afcf0467d7736bbbd197a15722c8a7b65b27.

This Pull Request was closed on September 9th 2013
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