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As a user or administrator of Piwik, I can easily "Install" new plugins from the Marketplace. When I click "Install" it redirects to a page which contains the link "Activate plugin". Sometimes, Activating a plugin will cause DB schema change (such as adding new columns). When a plugin will trigger DB schema changes, I would expect to be notified by a warning message, that the process of activating the plugin will take some time.

Example of useful plugins who trigger large DB schema updates:

The Help message would

  • warn users of the risks of activating a plugin that will cause DB schema change (ie. this could take hours)
  • explain to users the risks, and how to run the ./console plugin:activate Plugin_Name command as an alternative to triggering activation via UI.
  • be displayed only there will be a DB schema change

    Example failure use case

I have activated the plugin "CustomDimensions" on demo.piwik.org, kinda forgetting it would lead to hours of downtime. It would be nice to help our users prevent such technical challenge :+1:

Not in scope

ideally we would follow up with an issue to investigate how to display such warning when updating a plugin to a new version that contains DB schema updates.

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