@dhiridjee opened this Issue on January 26th 2016

I noticed an issue when using Events and trying to view graphs using an Event's secondary dimension:

  • Open list of Event Categories
  • Expand list to view all Event Actions for one Category
  • Click on "graph" button => graph shows the evolution over time (OK)
  • Click to switch secondary dimension to "Event Name"
  • Expand list to view all Event Names for one Category
  • Click on "graph" button => the graph is flat: no data displayed (KO)

It looks like everything is fine when using the default secondary dimension, but when switching to Event Names, graphs can no longer be used.

@tsteur commented on January 26th 2016 Member

This works fine for me with latest Piwik version. Unfortunately, we do not have a website public on demo.piwik.org to let you reproduce there. Which Piwik version are you using? And on which graph are you clicking?

@dhiridjee commented on January 28th 2016

Hmm, I'm using V2.15.0 - that is the latest, right ?
The graph in question is from the Events page, viewign "Event Names": "row evolution graph" for a single Category of Event Name.
A picture is probably easier :)
event names - category
(I have only one category here at the moment, but do use multiple categories...)
The result show all data points at 0, whereas the table indicates there is recorded data.
event names - category graph result
As a comparison, if I don't do the switch to Event Category for "secondary dimension", and stay on the default secondary dimension = Event Action, it works fine :
event names - action graph

Hope that helps !

@tsteur commented on January 28th 2016 Member

Thx, that helped! :) This is a bug indeed. Thx for reporting

@dhiridjee commented on January 29th 2016

Great, glad to help J

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