@mattab opened this Issue on August 26th 2009 Member

Currently there is a widget that shows visits per month if you select month, or per week if Week is selected as a date range.

Allow users to display new visits evolution graph:

  • visits by hour (when period is day) (eg. requested in #7498)
  • visits by day in the week (when period is week)
  • visits by day in the month (when period is month)
  • visit by day in the year (when period is year) (does that fit in the small widget?)
  • when the graph data is exported, it should show the same data as displayed in the graph (whether showing daily or monthly metrics)

UI: not sure, how this would be best done. But a great looking solution seen in other tools is to show little buttons [ day | week | month | year ] eg. on the top right of the graph.

@mattab commented on March 21st 2010 Member

A new widget showing the days within the selected period (or the 24 hours if the period is "day"), should be easy to build and sounds like an important widget to provide in the dashboard.

@mattab commented on September 28th 2014 Member

This feature is often requested, another one: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?15,120427

@mattab commented on April 22nd 2015 Member

In this forum post I think for the first time someone requested to have this similar feature but for Email reports Graphs.

@dandv commented on July 27th 2015 Contributor

Looks like a significant number of issues have been marked as duplicates of this one.

Maybe this suggests that the UI of the timeframe selection isn't the clearest possible?

@mattab commented on October 5th 2015 Member

@dandv indeed, we should and will fix it, not sure when it will be possible as our resources are limited.

@mattab commented on October 5th 2015 Member

Here is example of this feature in a Google Product:

@hpvd commented on October 6th 2015

thanks for the screenshot from google! Looking at it there is a small but important difference: google talks about "daily" and piwik talks about a "day"+ we select a date - so the user has completely different expectations...

for piwik:
selecting a day and showing data for only this day should be really consistent in large graph, in small graph previews and in all tables

doing it any other way is a huge problem (as also reported in #8917 and in several other ticket):
the user select something and got the results for something else

on other places e.g. in visitor log the user gets what he has selected (the place I'm often working with)
So how should one notice and understand this inconsistency? (sorry for these hard words)

@tsteur commented on November 8th 2018 Member

visits by hour (when period is day) (eg. requested in #7498)

I don't think this is possible. We don't have hourly data for all graphs.

This Issue was closed on November 26th 2018
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