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I think we actually have an issue for this but I couldn't find it. It should be possible for anyone to feed the search bar with new results / links but for now it would be helpful to have at least some specific ones in it:

  • DateSelector should add a few short cuts like "yesterday", "today", "last week", "last month", ...
  • There should be always all menu items available (eg when in Reporting dashboard it would be good to have menu items of Administration and User menu as well)
  • Later we would ideally have a smart search bar that can directly install / enable plugins, answer questions, etc. but this is out of scope for now

I'm creating this issue mainly because of the second point (the menu items). Why? It makes it easier to let people go to certain areas. We often have to explain people for example to go to "Administration" by clicking in the top right menu on icon "foo bar", then click "Marketplace" in the left menu, etc. Instead we could simply say type "Marketplace" in the search bar. Or we could say press "f" followed by "Marketplace".

Also this would make many guides more independent of UI changes. From now on we will most likely always have a search bar in the UI. This way we can always use this in guides and this way also make users more familiar with the search bar. Why is this a good thing? Today I was wondering if it makes more sense to have "Custom Dimensions" and "Goals" maybe under the "Administration" section instead of the "Personal" section. This mean we would have to ideally change guides, blog posts, forum ports and answers in Github issues etc and users have to find the new links. By always recommending to use the search bar we would be kinda independent of those kinda things and can always change the UI without having to change any guides etc. And it will be easier for users to get there and it is shorter to explain :) (we would still have to change the guides if we rename menu items though but for this we could have something like tags or keywords associated with a menu title)

@atom-box commented on September 27th 2022

Make it so the search bar can return the location where you can read any metric of your Matomo instance.
Including from the Custom Reports.

When I was a total beginner in Matomo I wanted to see something like bounce, so I would enter it into Matomo's very inviting, very prominent Search bar, with high hopes.
And I would get no results.
At that point I would then conclude "Ah, it is a shame that Matomo cannot measure bounce!"

Here is what a user sees now, when they try to find bounce rate:


⬆️ Above is a frustrating answer.

⬇️ Below is a more soothing answer:

Bounce: in Behavior > Pages
Bounce: in Visitors > Overview
@atom-box commented on October 27th 2022

When I want to seek Unique Clicks, but can't remember where it occurs, I
(1) enter it in my search bar.
(2) I see there is no result found,
even though it plainly exists.


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