@tsteur opened this Issue on November 23rd 2015 Member

Possibly via keyboard shortcut see

Zen Mode was removed as it was supposed to remove the space it needs in the header, as the header doesn't need much space anymore it is no longer needed. We might introduce a ZenMode later at some point which will be eg activated by pressing the key z which will fade out the left menu to have full width content. The left menu is not really needed anymore when using search

Not sure if we would show an icon again.

Another version will be to show only the icons and only a very small left menu when screen width is low. This would be a different issue though probably since complexity is higher.

@tsteur commented on May 11th 2016 Member

In Piwik 3 it will be possible to enable/disable Zen Mode and hide left menu + header by pressing z. We need to think about a way to make users aware of this possibility

@mattab commented on September 23rd 2016 Member

We need to think about a way to make users aware of this possibility

Maybe we could do it with an icon, that would be displayed on the same line as the top controls, that on click would enable the zen mode? Something like this:

icon to collapse to zen mode

(Icon could be either displayed at all times, or only on hover on the top controls)

Once in Zen mode, we could show the icon (on hover or all the time) to exit zen mode:

exit zen mode with icon

(Note: stole this nice idea from google docs and saw the same pattern in whatsapp)

@tsteur commented on September 23rd 2016 Member

We just need to think about solution for demo.piwik.org where there is something else in the right. Also depending on the resolution there is not much space to the right of dashboard etc. Would also need to find solution for mobile devices

@mattab commented on October 3rd 2016 Member

@tsteur moving to beta2 - would be nice to have in Piwik 3 but not absolutely required :+1:

@tsteur commented on October 3rd 2016 Member

shouldn't be too hard to implement, we just need a solution that works on all resolutions etc and on demo

@MikeN123 commented on December 20th 2016

I just accidentally enabled 'zen mode' by pressing 'z' in Piwik 3.0, and had no idea how to get out of it, until I checked my cookies and saw the zen mode cookie. It doesn't seem to display any 'exit zen mode' button. May be something you want to fix.

@tsteur commented on December 20th 2016 Member

You can get out of it by pressing 'z' again, but indeed if you don't know what triggered it initially, it is hard to find. Be good to find a solution for this.

@tsteur commented on December 20th 2016 Member

Maybe we add another selector like this?


or is it too visible? Having it to the right would be hard to manage probably because of responsiveness, small screens and with piwik demo

@MikeN123 commented on December 21st 2016

Looks fine to me, it at least gives the user a way out if they don't know the 'z' shortcut.

@tsteur commented on September 25th 2017 Member

Now that we have removed the "you are viewing the demo of Piwik" message in the right top bar, we could add it there as suggested by @mattab in https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/9263#issuecomment-249099386

Be great to have 👍

@mattab commented on January 19th 2018 Member

Fixed in #12459

This Issue was closed on January 19th 2018
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