@hpvd opened this Issue on November 11th 2015

#9182 describes "Make Visitor log a central tool, to bundle & standardise actions "on" and "learning from" tracked data"

with first step integration idea: "popup which can be brought up with a small button
on each visit in visitor log"

This ticket is about making enhancing this, with making "mass actions" possible:
Applying the same action on several, selectable visits with minimum effort

Learning from other systems like magento, one can integrate this the following way:

1 Button in upper right corner of visitor: "Show/hide mass action tool" (to keep design clean)

This tool consist of 2 subtools:

1. Subtool "making selection"

  • show a checkbox on left of each visit row with which one can select each visit by hand
  • Button 1: "select all visible visits"
  • Button 2: "select all visits" in selected period & segment, even the non visible, for which one has to click to next page
  • Button 3 "unselect visits" (reset selection)

2. Subtool "doing action"
consists of same popup for selecting, detailing and applying desired action as described in #9182 for working with a single visit

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