@hpvd opened this Issue on November 8th 2015

The idea is to track always every visit (no matter if it's a bot, blacklisted spam or what ever)
but having a centralized list* of visits to ignore

  • for display and also
  • for statistics being calculated

The list should use a standard format for very visit to ignore
consisting of

  • visit-ID (unique identifier)
  • reason for ignoring (bot, visit deleted by user, visit of visitor deleted by user, visit of IP blacklisted by user (extracted from #9182)...)

The advantages are:
1) that one never loose a visit (e.g. because the filter is set-in earlier in process)
2) one can easily revert ignoring:
a) permanent restore with undo function related to (#9181)
b) or temporary (#9067 a simple "switch" show or hide bots)
3) one can make easily new statistics like x% of our visits are bots (this has do be considered planning server loads)
4) one can easily see things like which pages were visited by bots (see #9067), where exactly is incoming spam etc. everything without maintaining different tracking proceeder.
5) we got more standardisation which makes everything easier to maintain, to extend etc.

probably there are some more use-cases...

All should fit together with

  • other kinds of standardisations e.g. like described in #9182
  • use crowd of all Piwik users to enhance Piwik futher #9183

*detail: of course a centralised list could also consist of sub-lists (e.g. for better processes in #9183), but they are being stored on a central place with a standardized format.

@hpvd commented on November 12th 2015

A much better approach for this is described here
Base function: Possibility to give visits a type like "standard", "deleted", "bot" etc. #9205
with this an extra list should be obsolete by keeping all advantages listed above.

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