@tsteur opened this Issue on November 3rd 2015 Owner

When calling setCustomVariables in scope page we never clear the set custom variables after a tracked pageview. This can be especially problematic in a single page application / website where one tracks multiple pageviews without reloading the whole page.

This is for example the case in our Piwik app itself. We track a new pageview whenever a new report is loaded via ajax so a later pageview might actually use the custom variables of a previous pageview.

@mattab commented on November 25th 2015 Owner

This may be a BC break for some, so adding tentatively to Piwik 3

@mattab commented on November 29th 2017 Owner

As we will deprecate custom variables in #11524, closing this issue as Won't fix.

We now recommend to use Custom Dimensions instead.

This Issue was closed on November 29th 2017
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