@hpvd opened this Issue on October 28th 2015

show instant feedback on period & segment selector usage:

the idea is to make it work like google do when showing the results:
"There are about 15.800.000 results"
The motivation for this is giving the user more information and some kind of confirmation that he was doing right with the selected period and segment
(and do not look at / compare apples and oranges)

please see attachments



@hpvd commented on October 28th 2015

what to shown there could be taken from menu /headline
please see further attachments


@gaumondp commented on October 28th 2015

That would be quite useful ! Warm +1

@tsteur commented on October 28th 2015 Member

:+1: nice

@hpvd commented on November 5th 2015

To enhance this even futher with a tiny but usefull piece of information,

on could show

instead of
"7305 different visits counted within selected period and segment"

this message
"7305 different visits counted within selected period and segment.
These are 46% of all visits on entire website within this period"

(maybe only if there is a segment used which is not "all visits")

=> with this, one got a really "gut feeling" regarding "what one is doing here with the filters."
and how one should interpreted the shown results from statistical point of view.
(e.g. when using a segment of only 0,5% of all visitors the results may in lot's of cases not be weight to high)

@hpvd commented on November 26th 2015

regarding performance, there is a general write up in #9110 which is using the same data (only divided by number of results per page)
with this the proposed new label for issues "performance demanding" should be applied to this one too

@hpvd commented on September 15th 2017

there is another issue related to this (special case: no data shown):
Inform users why there is no data in some actions report when action/event segment is applied #9796

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