@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on August 8th 2009

This is a nice-to-have feature deferred from #666:

  • Progress to show which database migration is currently being run (in the web browser and/or on the command line)


  • refactor core/Updater.php and plugins/CoreUpdater/Controller.php, moving Piwik_Updater::update() to the Controller; this would eliminate the messiness of a callback

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@mattab commented on August 17th 2009 Member

Doing it in the UI would be cool, but not a must have. Doing it in CLI sounds more useful as most big users would use CLI for upgrades (if this is explained in the upgrade screen UI as an inline help)

@mattab commented on November 24th 2010 Member

I'm tempted to mark as wontfix...

@mattab commented on April 28th 2011 Member

Instead of visual feedback, we could make sure all queries run separately, then, we could update DB state between each query, to ensure smooth upgrade even if it breaks in the middle (but low priority)

This Issue was closed on April 28th 2011
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