@da2x opened this Pull Request on July 27th 2013 Contributor

Shell script is used because logrotate runs through sh. More easily tested and maintained from a separate script and harder to run into parsing problems too.

Output directed to /dev/null

@da2x commented on July 31st 2013 Contributor

@mattab, dateext should be added on a new line after daily. The format of the logfiles will be access.log-YYYYMMDD.gz. The compression part of the name can be delayed by one rotation. Meaning the .gz extension is not guaranteed.

@mattab commented on July 31st 2013 Owner

should I merge your PR as is (is it correct?) or would you like to mention this somehow in the readme?

@halfdan commented on August 24th 2013 Member

Any update?

@mattab commented on September 6th 2013 Owner

Ping us to reopen PR, cheers!

This Pull Request was closed on September 6th 2013
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