@hpvd opened this Issue on October 26th 2015

when using piwik regularly, one often look into

  • every morning to see how yesterday was (last full day), or
  • to see what has happened today until now (sometimes several times a day...)

with current period selector, one has always to choose the date again.

With adding "today" and "yesterday" in the period selector, one simply relogin and see the desired values or if still logged in one only need to refresh the browser...

please see attachment how this could be done without needing to much room

@tsteur commented on October 26th 2015 Member

We were also thinking about adding this to the new search bar. Eg today, yesterday, last week, ...

So you would only type f to activate search followed by today or maybe only tod or to (depending on search results) and select the found item in the search. This could be done with this issue as well.

Maybe it would be not even needed anymore in the date selector once it is available in the search? Although I agree it would be not intuitive and one would not know one can do it etc. so might need it in date selector and search.

Edit: Actually the current implementation of the search bar even requires that it is present somewhere in the date selector so we could easily solve both at the same time

@hpvd commented on November 5th 2015

"so we could easily solve both at the same time" => :-)

btw just noticed that there is some kind of automatic day switching to today integrated.
yesterday I selected 04.11.2015 today after reload its 05.11.2015
some how strange. hmm is it by intend?

@tsteur commented on November 5th 2015 Member

It's automatically switched when the URL says date=today or date=yesterday

@tsteur commented on March 29th 2017 Member

See also https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/11554#issue-217824114 where user suggests to manage dates like

  • Since the day of Launch
  • Since the day when our Advert was released.
  • Since the day of the Hardware Upgrade
@tassoman commented on March 8th 2020 Contributor

Be careful with keyboard shortcut because of accessibility, during Piwik 2.x release we did a a11y audit then pushed some pull-request about it.
The big trouble is that each language has a different word for day/month/year so the character wouldn't fit.

I better suggest a personal setting to enable/disable that feature and the ability to bind custom keys on it.

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