@hpvd opened this Issue on October 5th 2015

2.15b15 and probably some versions before (it's also in the demo):
selected period not respected for graphs

dashboard Visits over time widget

=> in wide main graphs of this pages and also in small graphs

screenshots taken from demo:

@hpvd commented on October 5th 2015

The huge question is: is it respected for data shown in tables??

@hpvd commented on October 5th 2015

an other place where the problem appears:
screenshot taken from demo

@hpvd commented on October 5th 2015

we can reproduce it with different browsers in piwik demo (screenshots above taken from) and our own installation (2.15b15)
the STRANGE thing: in a friends installation also on 2.15b15 everything is fine with same browser types!!

@hpvd commented on October 5th 2015

the mentioned friend tested demo.piwik.org with the same browser with which in his own installation everything shows up fine:
he could reproduce the problems in the demo
=> so it seems not to be a browser/plugin issue

@mattab commented on October 5th 2015 Member

Hello @hpvd ,

As far as i know this is not a regression and Piwik has always worked in this way.

This duplicates this one: Add a new feature to evolution graphs: show visits for each day in selected period #955

@gaumondp commented on October 7th 2015

I can concur with Matt, even if it often bugged me it always (back in 1.11) worked that way.

This Issue was closed on October 5th 2015
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