@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on July 27th 2009

The piwik javascript file piwik.js is GPLv3. To record statistics with piwik, you must include it into your website (possibly covered by different licenses).

By including piwik.js into a HTML file, you create a bigger "covered work" => at least parts (at least the JavaScript parts, as they are a kind of "dynamically linked" with the other JavaScript code in the Browser) must be (implicitly) licensed under the GPLv3. Maybe the GPL could cover other parts (eg. images) too, as the GPL is not very precise.

You should create a FAQ entry, describing what license requirements are enforced on a website by including piwik.js and how the GPLv3 should be interpreted.

@robocoder commented on July 27th 2009 Contributor

Using piwik.js is different from redistributing piwik.js, so there's no problem.

For example, you can [b]use[/b] Apache with PHP on a virtualized Linux environment on a Windows server, with BSD libraries.

You would not be able to redistribute the above under a single license or as a public domain collection.

A link exists to the GPL on the FSF site. We shouldn't try to simplify the legalese via FAQ.

This Issue was closed on July 27th 2009
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