@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on July 25th 2009

Unfortunately I cannot re-produce this myself, and have very little information to go on. I have tested with the same browser version, and a number of other versions, unsuccessfully re-creating the issue.

This only occurs when enabling piwik.js on the site, this is occurring for a number of other people, and is not a single case, I am currently awaiting to be sent the windows event logs.

The issue is described as below from the client:

"She logged in an then did a couple of searches, after about 3-4 minutes the browser completely closed on her without any explanation.

She then visited the site again and logged in but went for a cup of coffee. When she returned the browser had closed again. "

@robocoder commented on July 25th 2009 Contributor

Please update to 0.4.2. We've removed plugin detection and having previously tested with Microsoft's Leak Detector, I'm not aware of any issues that would cause IE to spontaneously exit.

@robocoder commented on July 28th 2009 Contributor

please open a new ticket if issue recurs after upgrading to 0.4.2

This Issue was closed on July 28th 2009
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