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Hi guys!

I continue my CSS cleanup: this time I installed Less.
So I changed the AssetManager.
The main modification is that the CSS are always merged, because we can't directly use the Less files.

I also changed the CSS dependency of the Login, Installation & CoreUpdater plugin pages.
The Login plugin use the same CSS files that the dashboard to allow theming.
Installation & CoreUpdater will use a base.css file, that are a compilation of a part of the Less files. The purpose is to prevent theming & to have less maintenance.

Finaly, I initiate the plugin PleineLune: a dark theme for Piwik.
I don't know if I did it the right way, but it allows me to activate it.


@mattab commented on July 13th 2013 Member

Great stuff! It's so useful to have such a broad cleanup of CSS and templates.

I did some quick testing and found a few regressions:

  • website selector pushes content down instead of on hover)
  • The language selector pushes content on click (visual bug)
  • language selector right arrow is too large
  • add display of site selector in "Email & SMS Reports"
  • Menu regressions:
    • I see the menu stays on the last menu that was focused. Often users focus menu by mistake or to learn, but stay in current screen. The menu should go back to the "Currently selected" menu on focus after abt couple seconds, after the mouse leaves the active focus zone.
  • Installation: the language selector appears at the top right out of the box


I will look at the code in more details next couple days. Looking forward to the fixes of regressions and next PR. Enjoy your trip!

@mattab commented on July 13th 2013 Member

the PleineLune theme works too, it will look so awesome with datatables and form elements are converted! :+1:

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