@mattab opened this Issue on September 15th 2015 Member

Site Search Keywords should be handled case insensitive, so that "Harry Potter" and "harry potter" are grouped together as the same search term in the Site Search Keywords list.

Reported in http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,129050

@mattab commented on September 20th 2015 Member

I'm wondering whether it would be a good solution to make all Site Search keywords lowercase?

@tsteur commented on September 21st 2015 Member

Maybe we could display the version that was used the most and on hover display how often each version was used?

@mattab commented on September 29th 2015 Member

from our feedback button:

Site Search Keywords should be handled case insensitive, so that "karen blixen", "Karen Blixen", "Karen blixen" and "karen Blixen" are grouped together as the same search.

@MatomoKV commented on May 9th 2019


we have the same issue with the current version of Matomo, There is still no fix. Is there any update by when there will be a solution?


@tsteur commented on May 9th 2019 Member

Just fyi: In case you use the trackSiteSearch tracker method, you could do something like _paq.push(['trackSiteSearch', keyword.toLowerCase()])

@mindbreaker commented on January 19th 2021

Any Update?

@KarthikRaja1388 commented on August 27th 2021

Customer's question:
Our search keywords are not case insensitive, so our Matomo setup differentiates between a search for 'macbeth' and a search for 'Macbeth'. This is making it quite hard to get an overall view of how many people are searching for our pieces of content.

How do we remove the case sensitivity and view the searches for 'macbeth' and 'Macbeth' together?

@mattab commented on August 30th 2021 Member

@KarthikRaja1388 currently it must be worked around "manually" in JavaScript, by using "Track Site Search using the Javascript trackSiteSearch() function" and then also manually calling the .toLowerCase() function in JavaScript, when calling trackSiteSearch

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