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As some of you know, Piwik offers advanced Ecommerce tracking and reporting. Piwik can track ecommerce orders, products, abandoned carts, revenue (tax, shipping, discount, etc.) and more.

But this feature is not yet showcased on our Piwik demo at http://demo.piwik.org (oh!)

If you have a small-medium ecommerce website, and don't mind that your ecommerce data is made public, please leave a comment. It would be so nice to showcase Piwik Ecommerce features on our official Piwik demo!

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if you can help us with this, please get in touch or leave a comment here. It would be fantastic!

@hpvd commented on November 7th 2015

yes piwik is doing ecommerce tracking. Sorry I have to say this, but from professional POV to be honest, in the field of ecommerce at this time Piwik (2.1.5) is "only" "pretty fine"
The ease of integration is of course perfect thanks to several plugins for several shop systems (https://piwik.org/integrate/#ecommerce-online-shops)
but the number of data tracked and the possibilities to analyse them are not.

To make it "really good" some important points are missing: features not only for documenting the things you may receive also from your shop software, but features to give statistics which enable you to make good strategic decisions on it for the future direction and setup of your store.

  • show metrics for ecommerce performance #7617
  • ecommerce: track more details of abandoned cart #9176
  • ecommerce: complete tracking of order's details #9177
  • segment editor: use available ecommerce data for better segmentation of visits #9172

To make it "damn awesome", in addition maybe even more unique features are needed to be apart from the competition

  • Analyse costs and revenue for a single visitor/a whole campaign #4458
  • segment editor: make ecommerce actions accessible #9175

Sorry again for this not that rhapsodic post, but I think it is helping better to give a true honest feedback instead of always saying "bravo"

Maybe this is also an important input for strategic thoughts on content of piwik 3.0 https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6074 ?

Should we open an extra ticket "making ecommerce tracking damn awesome" with a friendly copy of this points?
edit: just found a issue where a copy if this perfectly fits in:
Better ecommerce reporting in Piwik #6177

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