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As announced in https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/8520#issuecomment-131781447, we have decided to try Discourse for our Piwik Forums (currently we are using phorum).

Advantages of discourse

Some nice features of Discourse: it's simple to use, fast, responsive, and overall looks good. It is actively maintained and has a hosted service (which we will use with a discounted price). The forums structure is flexible. Discourse encourages crowd sourced moderation (via 'Flag' feature). One change is that there is no forum signature feature (design decision to KISS). It's possible to Like posts. There will be social login via github, twitter, etc. making it super easy to signup.

Overall we hope the migration to Discourse will help you feel more at home in the forums, and over time that it will slightly increase community engagement!

Checklist before migration can be started

Make Categories look great:

  • [x] Change category names in Discourse (ie. what used to be called forum names) to make them shorter (see good example at http://meta.discourse.org/ or http://discuss.atom.io/)
  • [x] Set a description to each category
  • [x] Edit the welcome message post in each category

Finish the migration:

  • [x] Check it's all working fine, or fix it
  • [x] Set canonical URLs to forum.piwik.org
  • [ ] Import the list of 15,000 migrated user emails into madmimi
  • [ ] Mass email all migrated users with a login procedure (how to reset their password)
  • [ ] A few days later, write a blog post about the migration and invite everyone to join the new forums!
  • [ ] Send newsletter to let the whole community know about the new forums

    Not for now, can be done after successful migration

Note: Create an issue to follow up these items:

  • [x] Enable HTTPS SSL connection for forum.piwik.org
  • [ ] finding volunteer moderators for each category
  • [ ] integrating Discourse and Developer guides so that people can comment on developer guides
  • [ ] integrating Discourse and WordPress so that comments on posts will become forum conversations.
  • [ ] Theming: add a top black menu to link back to the website, similar to top bar of developer.piwik.org (see good example at http://discuss.atom.io/)
  • ....
@mattab commented on September 10th 2015 Owner

Please check & test our Discourse instance at: http://piwik.techapj.com/

You can signup for a new account, or if you already have an account on forum.piwik.org you can use "Reset password" feature to get access to your profile.

Looking forward to feedback and bug reports/suggestions!

@MagicFab commented on September 10th 2015

@mattab nice, I see all posts + users have been imported! I tested it for a few minutes, here are some notes:

Some nice improvements I liked immediately:

  • Badges! May be useful to implement some of the community recognition items that were discussed in Berlin/etc.
  • Tagging/reporting SPAM
  • Nice formatting available :)

I'd suggest having the ability to file bugs/issues about this Discourse instance within the same, much like Discourse does on theirs: https://meta.discourse.org/c/bug?order=op_likes&status=open

Some sort of invitation to current forum users (by email?) would also seem in order, perhaps not all of them but at least the past few hundred active users (or last registered).

@quba commented on September 11th 2015 Contributor

@mattab don't forget to set up Piwik tracking. Maybe we will be able to implement it a little bit better here (to have better data in demo.piwik.org instance) - with event and content tracking.

@mattab commented on September 11th 2015 Owner

@quba basic pageview tracking is already setup (currently tracking in a hidden website on demo.piwik.org). It would be very nice, indeed, to track event and content tracking too! adding to checklist

@mattab commented on September 11th 2015 Owner

@MagicFab thanks for feedack!

attachments seems to be missing
private messages didn't make it

reported these to discourse

internal links point to the current forum

it will work fine on the production instance because redirects will be setup

permissions didn't make it

some permissions seem to have make it, but we'll start fresh anyway!

Some sort of invitation to current forum users (by email?) would also seem in order, perhaps not all of them

yep it's planned (see migration checklist). i'll just email all of them, because why not? ;-)

@mattab commented on October 6th 2015 Owner

Takeshi from Piwik Japan team said they are interested to create a Japanese support forum on forum.piwik.org -> once we have discourse, let's create the forum! :-)

@MagicFab commented on October 19th 2015

I'd volunteer to help with French / Spanish. Other than a time machine to multiply @mattab 's time, what else can be done to advance this? :)

@mattab commented on November 2nd 2015 Owner

Progress update: the forums are now hosted on the actual Discourse Cloud and available at: http://piwik.trydiscourse.com/

I will run more tests in coming days and hopefully soon we can kick start the migration :+1:

@Joey3000 commented on November 2nd 2015 Contributor

Another potential point for the checklist, while at it: Could HTTPS be enabled on forum.piwik.org? It's the only *.piwik.org domain left without HTTPS.

@mattab commented on November 2nd 2015 Owner

Could HTTPS be enabled on forum.piwik.org? It's the only *.piwik.org domain left without HTTPS.

it should be possible, this was added to the checklist in issue description

@MagicFab commented on November 4th 2015

Is it safe to assume the data there is for testing purposes and will be wiped clean at migration time? Perhaps a notice to that effect would be useful until it's done. Can't wait!

@mattab commented on November 5th 2015 Owner

yes the data will be wiped out and re-imported fresh in coming 48 hours or so (migration is happening very soon!)

@mattab commented on November 5th 2015 Owner

Migration has started

@mattab commented on November 6th 2015 Owner

I've switched DNS on forum.piwik.org so it should be updated within 24 hours...

The forum categories were updated: http://piwik.trydiscourse.com/categories

@mattab commented on November 6th 2015 Owner

@tsteur check out possibility to embed Discourse comments in JavaScript in static HTML site (could be great for our developer.piwik.org) https://meta.discourse.org/t/embedding-discourse-comments-via-javascript/31963

@tsteur commented on November 8th 2015 Owner

We can try it and see how it looks. There's a demo link referenced but discourse seems to be down or not working there anymore.

From https://meta.discourse.org/t/embedding-discourse-comments-via-javascript/31963:

One important thing to note with this setup is that users have to navigate to your forum to post replies. This is intentional, as we feel that the posting interface on a Discourse forum is currently much richer than what we could embed via Javascript

It would be nice if users could post directly from there similar to https://disqus.com/home/ (users can post there on the embedded iframe)

@mattab commented on March 31st 2016 Owner

Forums have been migrated to Discourse and it has been a success! Join the community at: http://forum.piwik.org/

This Issue was closed on March 31st 2016
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