@MagicFab opened this Issue on September 9th 2015

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Piwik requirements should be updated to clearly indicate which software versions will remain supported / which will be required once Piwik 3 comes out and Piwik 2.x acquires LTS status.

@mattab commented on November 27th 2020 Member
@MagicFab commented on November 27th 2020

Merci, Matt + team - glad to see LTS is still a thing !

However, its mention is still missing from the requirements link this aimed for initially. Most importantly, there isn't any mention of LTS support at the main download/install page new users are directed to when first visiting matomo.org :


I suppose more advocacy for LTS awareness is in order and would help but more direct internal links to LTS information from top pages is what this was initially about.

This Issue was closed on November 27th 2020
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