@tsteur opened this Issue on September 4th 2015 Member

I'm currently working on displaying a notification if debug_on_demand is enabled (for #8593). Here I'm writing that users can disable it by changing config/config.ini.php the config value to [Tracker]debug_on_demand=0. This is super complicated to explain and super complicated to do for users. You need to connect to the server, you possibly have to find credentials, you need to locate the file, find correct position to make the change, ... This cause really a lot of pain.

Why don't we instead display a link / button / call to action to disable it with one click? It's easy for us to disable this setting in the code. Problem is when users have Piwik running on multiple nodes, in this case it needs to be done on many servers and we cannot do that. Maybe we should find a solution for this one day but that's another topic.

Similar to #8641 it's a nice to have but probably not realistic to do soonish. Moving to mid term for now

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