@dhoko opened this Pull Request on September 2nd 2015

cf #7949


As soon as we have an event/etc., a list is created with this request. Every 300ms (default) we send dat list to piwik.

@dhoko commented on September 2nd 2015

Testing with my app, it works. I will try to add some tests.

@pat841 commented on November 6th 2015

Seems to work with my testing too.

@tsteur commented on November 8th 2015 Member

Sorry that it took me so long to get back to it. Would be a nice improvement to have! I left a few comments. Ideally there would be also some tests in https://github.com/piwik/piwik/tree/master/tests/javascript for this but I must admit I'm not even sure how I would test it myself as it's surely not trivial. Probably it would need a new section

test("tracking", function() {

  //enable bulk tracking
  // send a few tracking requests
  // check whether they were sent together similar to https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/2.15.0/tests/javascript/index.php#L3019
@mattab commented on February 1st 2016 Member

Hi @dhoko if you'd like this this PR merged in Piwik 3.0.0 please reply to @tsteur feedback above. it would be very useful feature to have bulk tracking in piwik.js!

@dhoko commented on February 2nd 2016

I wanted to upgrade this PR, but since the beginning I have this #9492 It's hard to work with it :/

@mattab commented on September 23rd 2016 Member

Hello @dhoko - do you still experience the issue in #9492 ? if so, please let me know and i'll try to help you find a solution, as i'm sure it's a problem for many people and not just you. It would be great if you would finish your nice Pull requests for 3.0.0-b2 release! :+1:

@mattab commented on September 23rd 2016 Member

Moving tentatively to 3.0.0-b2 milestone. If we don't merge @dhoko PRs in this release, we'll close the PR for now. Hopefully it will happen, as these PRs look very useful :+1:

@mattab commented on October 30th 2016 Member

Haven't heard from @dhoko so closing this PR for now

This Pull Request was closed on October 30th 2016
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